As a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, which is an international body based in the USA, I abide by their Code of Ethics and Professional Practices.  As an experienced professional genealogist the practices and principles it enshrines are of course second nature and most of the behaviours it guards against unthinkable to me but I thought it would be useful to reproduce the code below to reassure clients of my integrity etc should they require it.

The APG Code of Ethics and Professional Practices serves to promote:

a truthful approach to genealogy, family history and local history

the  trust and security of genealogical consumers and

careful and respectful treatment of records, repositories and their staffs, other professionals and genealogical organizations and associations.

I have therefore agreed to:

Present research results in a clear, well-organized manner

Refrain from withholding, suppressing, or knowingly misquoting or misinterpreting sources of data

Report appropriately qualified genealogical conclusions in writing based on the weight of evidence with fully and accurately cited sources

Represent my abilities, services and credentials honestly, avoiding the use of misleading or exaggerated statements

Engage in sufficient continuing education to maintain competence and comply with applicable requirements

Prepare and abide by written agreements regarding an applicable project scope, fees, charges, payment structures and deliverables without concealment or misrepresentation

Disclose potential conflicts of interest

Maintain confidentiality of client communications and research, except as permitted in writing by the client or required by court or professional disciplinary proceedings

Treat information concerning living people with appropriate discretion

Refrain from violating or encouraging others to violate laws or regulations concerning copyright, rights to privacy, business practices, or other pertinent subjects

Refrain from mutilating, rearranging or removing from their proper custodians printed, original, microfilmed or electronic records

Give proper credit to the work of others and refrain from plagiarism

Refrain from soliciting established clients of another researcher through denigration, violation of laws or regulations or other improper means

Refrain from behaviours or statements that malign or are maliciously calculated to injure the profession; genealogical associations, programs, or educational organizations; or the Association of Professional Genealogists