Easy and cheap Videoconferencing has meant that I am now able to offer personalised one-to-one family history tuition sessions built around your own family tree without the constraints of travel to a physical location with access to wi-fi or computers.

Recent years working as a volunteer at the local Record Office in “Beginners Club” and “Ask an Expert” have made me realise that a prescriptive “one size fits all” approach to teaching how to research your family history perhaps needs modification.


As a result I feel that at first teaching how to research family history is best based on the needs of each individual family tree, smoothing out problems as they arise and teaching the skills everyone requires to help find their own solutions.

Unlike a formal course because it is targeted on their own unique family the new researcher may only need a few sessions of tuition to get well on their research way.  Hopefully this will mean that they develop a love of family history research without experiencing the initial frustrations which accompany the sole researcher “picking it up as they go along”.  In time they will progress to more specialised family history courses and webinars as they identify what they need to take their research further.

For more experienced researchers a quick half hour tutorial may open up new avenues of research, hone skills, offer new perspectives on writing up your research and hopefully inspire you in new directions.



Half hour session £15

One hour session £25


Please contact me by email for more details. 

Please note that I am based in the UK so I cannot teach how to research your ancestors from other than the UK.